An Uncompromising Culture of Safety

We are scrupulous when it comes to the safety of our employees, boasting a remarkably low record of incident and an EMOD rate of .75. We have instituted a universal hard hat and safety glasses standard for all construction sites and we conduct training in workplace safety on a weekly basis. In the case when incidents do occur, we have a committee review process in place to correct the conditions that caused the accident.

Perhaps most importantly, we support a culture in which safety comes first. Our employees are trained to avoid exposing themselves or others to the risk of injury, through thoughtful work processes, proper equipment and even employee exercise and stretching programs. This commitment to safety not only protects our people, but helps ensure jobs run smoothly and are completed efficiently.

Safety Philosophy

It is the philosophy of AAA Landscape that ALL injuries & accidents are preventable and that all jobs or services can be performed by our employees in a safe and healthy work environment.

We place the health and safety of our employees first in the course of our business decisions. Through training, attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we continuously strive towards our goal of an accident free workplace.

We welcome all safety suggestions. Let’s work together and continue making AAA Landscape a safe & healthy place to work.

Safety Director